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So there’s not actually an old camping cup ground up in your commercially available toothpaste, but would you believe there is tin in many fancy fluoride toothpastes? Rather than reading labels and wondering what all those chemicals are and do, maybe it’s time to put aside the harmful chemicals in leading toothpastes and make your own or choose a somewhat-safe natural brand.

But what’s this about tin?


Some fluoride toothpastes contain stannous fluoride, an ingredient that includes tin in its makeup. If you insist on using fluoride, you don’t have to use a kind with metal in it. For example, you can use a toothpaste that contains sodium monofluorophosphate, a less toxic alternative. There are still concerns about whether fluoride causes reproductive and other effects, but there’s no reason to brush metal onto your teeth.

For that matter, there’s no reason to use a toothpaste that contains the pesticides SLS or triclosan either, but people use them every day. In fact, these ingredients are in most commercial toothpastes that you might find at a grocery store, drugstore or one of those big-box discount stores.

And why not concern yourself with artificial sweeteners and chemical dyes too? Does it matter what color your toothpaste is? And do you really want a potentially harmful chemical like saccharin in your toothpaste? Someone came up with the idea a long time ago that people might prefer to use a sweetened toothpaste -- and since using sugar is out of the question and would cause tooth decay, attention turned to this once-popular artificial sweetener. Most people stopped using it in food years ago, but somehow it remains in most toothpastes.

Go ahead and try to find a commercially available toothpaste without SLS, triclosan or saccharin. You’ll see that there are harmful chemicals in toothpaste choices of all brands. So why not put them aside and either choose a safer natural brand or simply make your own toothpaste? It seems like a more sensible idea than rubbing chemicals onto your teeth.


Dr. Daniel Vinograd, DDS

A nurse specific Botox course is what you are an RN looking to help people look better and feel better about themselves. Once you’ve taken a great weekend learning course from a reputable organization, you’ll have the technical understanding and the hands-on experience necessary to perform Botox and related procedures on patients right away. This quick and sensible training can help you get a job or make you a more valuable asset at the one you already have.

Botulinum Toxin

In a good training course, you’ll work with real botulinum toxin on actual people who are confident enough in the background and previous training of a nurse as well as the training program’s presenters to volunteer to have you perform the procedure on them. The best courses even allow you to bring with you companions or friends who can benefit from the free injections available by you and other students.

Along with other healthcare professionals, nurses like you can learn the protocols associated with Type A products like Botox as well as newer, sometimes-even-more-effective products like Dysport and Xeomin. After all, you’ll want to know how to use all the products patients ask for, so the best courses leave nothing out. All products should be available for use during hands-on training so you can effectively learn which products work best in which situations.

Once you’ve completed the course and gained proper proficiency, you’ll get a certificate that proves to your clients and to the world that you know your stuff.

As a nurse, you already have strong patient skills and a good grasp of anatomy. With one of the best Botox courses for nurses under your belt, you’ll also have the specific skills and the valuable certification necessary to legally, ethically and correctly perform Botox and related procedures that so many patients want.

And that puts you ahead of other nurses who don’t have this qualification. In today’s job market, every little thing that gives you an edge is essential to competing successfully.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Refrigeration is necessary to slow down bacteria growth. Bacteria is present everywhere even in the foods you eat. Bacteria can grow in certain foods if they are stored in temperatures that range from 40 to 140F. The bacteria can double within 20 minutes if food is not stored properly. A refrigerator offers an environment that is below 40F, protecting food from bacteria.

Types of Bacteria

Foods need refrigeration to protect them from two main types of bacteria including spoilage and pathogenic bacteria. The pathogenic bacteria are responsible for various foodborne illnesses that can be fatal if they affect older people, children, and those who have impaired immune function. The spoilage bacteria make foods deteriorate, causing unpleasant textures, tastes, and odors. There are specific foods that are more likely to develop pathogenic bacteria such as milk, fresh meat, eggs, and cheeses.

Fresh milk has to be refrigerated to protect its quality. Harmful bacteria tend to grow in the milk if it is stored in temperatures over 45F. Pregnant women, infants, the elderly, and patients who are taking drug therapies are more likely to fall sick if they take spoiled milk. If properly refrigerated, milk can last for about two weeks.

Salmonella is one of the foodborne illnesses that you can develop if you take unrefrigerated milk. This illness causes diarrhea, nausea, headaches, vomiting, and abdominal cramping.
When milk is stored in room temperature, it can develop shigella bacteria. These bacteria cause fever, blood in stool, abdominal pain, vomiting, fever, and diarrhea.

Other types of disease causing bacteria that can grow in unrefrigerated milk include listeria monocytogenes, and staphylococcuss aureus.

while there are some foods that should never be refrigerated, It is advisable to refrigerate fresh meat immediately you arrive home from the store to prevent disease causing bacteria from growing. The meat should be wrapped in plastic or placed inside a bag to prevent it from contaminating other foods that are eaten raw.

Some of the bacteria that can grow in the meat include salmonella, listeria, and E. Coli, which can cause serious illnesses. Bacteria can grow on the meat without making it change texture, color, or odor, making refrigeration necessary.

Eggs should be stored at 40F or below to prevent salmonella bacteria from multiplying. These bacteria are naturally present in raw eggs and they can cause food poisoning, making prompt refrigeration necessary. Avoid keeping eggs in your refrigerator door because this area may be warmer than the recommended storage temperature, making it easy for bacteria to multiply.

Natural cheese should be refrigerated to prevent mold spores from growing. It is also advisable to wrap the cheese tightly before refrigeration.

Prolapsed disc

The most common cause of disc prolapse is when a person bends over to lift a heavy object incorrectly. This will increase the pressure of the discs in the lower back causing the nucleus to bulge or protrude posteriorly. A prolapsed can be less commonly caused by a fall or an incident of whiplash.

What is it?

Your intervertebral disc’s are the discs that lie between each individual vertebrae in the spine. Their purpose is to absorb shock, increase stability and also the range of movement in your spine. They are made up of two components, a fibrous structure on the outside and a paste-like nucleus on the inside.

When enough pressure is applied to one side of the disc, the paste-like nucleus can protrude or bulge out from the fibrous disc. This is otherwise known as a “prolapsed disc”.

How can physiotherapy treatment help you?

Physiotherapy can be extremely beneficial for someone suffering with a prolapsed disc. Our aim will be to reduce your pain and stiffness, increase your core stability and flexibility, and provide you with education and advice to prevent any future occurence.

What types of treatment are available?

Manipulation Therapy – Can help to release joints that have become stiff and dysfunctional.

Soft Tissue Massage – can reduce muscle tension, improve tissue mobility, enhance muscle contraction and desensitise any painful and overactive areas.

Manual Mobilisation Therapy – These are passive movements that the therapist applies to the spine to increase range of movement, reduce stiffness and pain.

Exercises and Rehabilitation - We can provide you with a tailored exercise programme focusing on your needs in order to maintain/improve both strength and mobility

Acupuncture – Can stimulate the body's natural healing response, release pain-killing endorphins and improve functioning of the hormonal system.

Ergonomic and postural advice – Can help you manage your day to day activities whether you’re sitting at a desk or trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Interferential Therapy – Can provide pain relief, muscle stimulation, enhance blood flow and reduce oedema.

TENS – Can be applied throughout the day to provide natural pain relief.

McKenzie Method – Is a form of assessment and treatment which can help the therapist recognise which positions and movements can ease your symptoms, the therapist can then implement them into an exercise programme

Visit our website for more information on treatment for prolapsed discs

Sunday, 20 July 2014

A diagram of the teeth, known as a Meridian Tooth Chart, is a basic map that illustrates the connections between teeth and the organs. It may seem crazy to suggest that the teeth are so closely linked to the rest of the body, Ancient Chinese medicine along with other fields of Eastern medicine, have long believed that there is a link between the teeth and the other parts of the body.


What connects to what? That’s where the chart comes in. The front teeth connect to the kidney, premolars connect to the stomach, etc. It is all explained by the chart.

I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking that doesn’t fit with modern understanding of the human body. How in the world can the teeth connect to the organs? To understand this connection, some level of understanding of Chinese acupuncture is necessary.

Where The Meridian Tooth Chart Comes From

Chinese medicine is based on chi or qi, basically universal life energy. Chi flows through every living creature and is believed to circulate along specific pathways, called meridians. When chi is able to flow, there is good health. Where chi is blocked, the disruption causes physical and emotional symptoms.

Think of meridians like rivers. If a river is blocked, or if a heavy rain deposits more rain than the river can handle, it floods and causes all kinds of problems for the people that live along it. Acupuncture clears blockages to free blocked energy flow and restore normal functions.

According to this idea, the connection between teeth and organs is the meridians. When a tooth is damaged, whether by infection and decay or by trauma, the chi becomes blocked and and an imbalance develops. If the damage goes untreated, the patient can develop problems with the organ that lies on the same meridian as the affected tooth. Metal fillings containing mercury produces electricity in the mouth that can also disrupt chi. The energy from this travels along the meridians with the chi and overloads the corresponding organ. A mercury free dental practitioner can help you to remove these potential hazards.

The reverse is often also true. If an organ is damaged, the corresponding tooth becomes more vulnerable to decay and infection. Seems crazy, but many patients have experienced dramatic changes in their health after getting teeth fixed, or after having mercury fillings removed, that it’s hard to deny the possibility that this connection exists. Patients who are having trouble getting an accurate diagnosis for their symptoms would do well to consider what might be occurring in their mouths.

It can happen without warning. You might be chewing your food and you hear a sudden crunch. A tooth has chipped and a sliver is mixed in with your food. Chipped teeth happen every day, and fortunately for you, they are easy to fix. Teeth can chip as a result of facial trauma, such as a blow or fall, because of cavities, or as a result of chewing on something that isn’t meant to be chewed. In the case of trauma, it is important to seek immediate medical attention to rule out concussion.

Home Care for Chipped Teeth

tooth with a crack retro poster

As for the tooth, there are a couple of things you can do to ease the pain and minimize further damage until you can see a dentist. Some things you can do to handle a chipped tooth while awaiting a dentist appointment are:

  • Ice packs can be used to reduce swelling
  • Over the counter pain relievers or numbing gels can alleviate pain
  • Saline solution made by mixing warm water with a bit of table salt will kill bacteria and ease pain
  • Paraffin wax or sugar free gum can be used to cover sharp edges and prevent cutting your tongue or cheeks
  • Sticking to a soft foods diet until you can get to a dentist will minimize any further damage to the tooth.

Restoring a Chipped Tooth

The treatment the dentist will use to restore the tooth will depend a lot on the extent of the damage. Some treatments include:

  • Filling - If the damage is minor, a filling may be all that’s needed. If the chip is in a spot that is visible, a tooth colored resin may be bonded to the chipped area instead.
  • Enamel Shaping - Often used for the most minor chips, enamel reshaping involves simply removing a bit of enamel to create a smoother surface. Sometimes enamel reshaping is used in conjunction with bonding to rebuild the tooth.
  • Veneers - Used mainly on front teeth, veneers are thin layer of porcelain that cover the surface of the tooth. Veneers can also be useful to mask restorations that are not aesthetically pleasing.
  • Dental Crown - Crowns are generally used on the most seriously damaged teeth and cover the entire tooth. The dentist will grind the surface of the tooth to create a good surface to anchor the crown.

Preventing Chips

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Minimize your risk of a chipped tooth by:

  • Using a mouthguard when playing sports
  • Using a night guard to prevent excess wear from teeth grinding
  • Not eating nonfood items and avoid hard foods
  • Never opening things or untie knots with your teeth
  • Practicing excellent oral hygiene to keep teeth as healthy and strong as possible.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

What is a teatox?

The SkinnyMint expertise involves consuming a morning mix everyday every alternate time and an evening mix. The concept would be to cleansing using the two unique mixes that are 100% organic and function to reduce flatulence and improving digestion, also to improve power, increase metabolism thus burning fat.

Cleansing providers like nettle and dandelion leaves in addition to supplements from pineapples and bananas finish the fruity mix to accompany you throughout the day.

The Night Tea – not just makes your body to get a peaceful sleep, but in addition for cleaning while you sleep. It’s coffee-free with comforting detoxifiers red leaves and lemongrass, relaxing agents peppermint, hawthorn fruits and cinnamon and natural laxatives of psyllium husk, licorice and senna leaves work immediately for maximum effect.

1: you can eat while cleansing

What better method to cleansing than in order to consume normally while cleansing normally? Why do this whenever you don’t need to a number of other cleansing routines operate by sticking with specific limitations in one’s diet-but actually? Using the teatox, you can eat according to regular while enjoying the advantages of cleansing. For me, that’s the very best part!

2: It’s just very easy to teatox

No further rigid time to stick to or perhaps a specific quantity of containers or supplements to eat! Simply drop the teabag in a pot of heated water to steep any moment before or after breakfast and keep it at your table and drink away! Before engaging in sleep for that night and have a couple of minutes. Too easy!

3: Enhances your yoga practice

Once we use various asanas to inspire activity within the digestive tract and expulsion of waste and function to produce blockages in the torso and exercise, the teatox is a superb match, particularly the natural laxatives at night tea. I thought the cleansing result was absolutely increased with yoga within the image (you need to be aware!).

4: Continuous reminder to become aware of one’s diet

Half your day drinking detox tea tells one to be much more conscious of everything you place in your body. We're what we eat as well as the continuous tea drinking tells us to become more particular of what we ingest. Creating this consciousness is really necessary to keeping a healthier lifestyle that's an extended lasting impact on brain and the body!

5: A cleansing that tastes good

Forget all that medications or cleansing drinks which are simply too hard to take – we’ve all had that knowledge, I’m sure. This teatox program is one tasty thing you might miss. It’s area of the product idea that efficient and wonderful products don’t need to taste terrible even though 100% organic elements have already been chosen for maximum success, the group truly hadn’t forgotten about flavor!

Total a teatox isn’t likely to change lifestyle, diet and exercise within the long, but is a superb method to carefully kickstart a healthy lifestyle.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Everyone understands exactly what the number-one indication of gallstones is. It's pain. Itself is generally presented by pain caused by gallstones while in the mid section, often toward the best side where the liver and gallbladder can be found. But gallstone pain might also portray to the right shoulder, and may even be felt while in the upper-back while in the room involving the shoulder blades.

Before describing and listing different signs of gallstones, it'll be useful to understand what causes them and why gallstones form.

symptoms of gallstones frequently seem after you've consumed a cholesterol-rich, highfat dinner. Your gallbladder suddenly gets a "boost" of cholesterol than it can manage. In the shortrun, this example could cause a gallbladder attack, which is a temporary affair that may last for a few moments or a few hours. But over the longrun, cholesterol build-up while in the gallbladder is just a recipe for gallstone formation. Gallstones could cause permanent recurring symptoms of strong discomfort. Infection that takes place when the gems undertake the biliary duct to the small bowel, causes this pain, which will be the most frequent gallstone sign.

Occasionally, gallstones symptoms men develop no symptoms whatsoever. You do not even understand you have them until your physician sees them while detecting other health problems, or throughout a physical assessment.

Gallstones seem no distinctive from stones or small stones. They could be quite big - how big is a golf ball. They are able to also be really small - such as a grain of mud. Gallstones might take into account around three thousand deaths per year in Usa alone, and it's really estimated this one National in twenty has them. About 800 000 hospitalizations annually are related to gallstones, and around 500,000 individuals have their gallbladder removed as a result of gallstones.

Gallstones can be found in two different types. Cholesterol stones be a consequence of a lot of surplus cholesterol inside the gallbladder. 4 out-of 5 individuals who have gallstones have the cholesterol sort.

Gallstones are significantly different. Typically, theyare darker and smaller compared to the cholesterol kind, and they're consists of bilirubin. Bilirubin is area of the bile which it is formed when red blood cells break up, and is stored within the gallbladder.

You'll have either sort of rock, or you can have both sorts at the same time.

A combination of numerous risk factors give rise to gall stone symptoms and these include family history, body chemistry, and dietary alternatives. Folks who are obese possess a higher risk of gallstones than people that have a body type that is normal.