Tuesday, 2 September 2014

I am an avid footballer and need to travel overseas for games quite frequently. I had heard about oxygen therapy during one particular consultation with my doctor. Oxygen is very important in a number of chemical and biological processes in the human body. The lack of oxygen can make you ill and increases the likelihood of cancer. My doctor had told me about the importance of taking oxygen supplements and suggested I consume supplements daily to increase my strength and well-being.


I decided to give it a shot and researched a supplement known as CELLFOOD as suggested by my doctor. This product is a popular one in the market and the feedback from users was pretty good. Since it is a natural and organic product, I was assured that there were no chemicals in them. Unlike other supplements, it has no alcohol, yeast, glucose, or gluten. This oxygen therapy supplement also does not contain banned substances. This makes it completely safe and legitimate for professional and amateur competitions. This supplement is not addictive, invasive and toxic. It is safe for human consumption and should always be taken as directed by a doctor or healthcare practitioner.

CELLFOOD does have positive detoxifying effects on the body and it really helped me get the stamina and energy I needed for the sport. It also enhanced the pH balance in the body. The liquid supplement is good and I did not have any side-effects. I would not recommend this oxygen therapy supplement to everyone, as I am not sure if it carries any long-term side effects. It may have some side effects on people that suffer from chronic health conditions. Therefore, it is safe not to consume the supplement if you suffer from any long-term illness. If you still wish to take it, be careful and ask a doctor.

A fellow footballer friend of mine introduced me to another oxygen therapy supplement. This one is called NutriO2. It is a product made by Kevin Richardson, an expert in the field of oxygen therapy. Like CELLFOOD, this supplement helps detoxify the body and also increase a person's pH levels. My footballer friend spoke very highly of it. It is very affordable and increases one's stamina. It is made of natural components and here again you do not face side effects.

Like CELLFOOD, you will find no banned substances in this product. NutriO2 Is legitimate and safe. I began using it for some months after my friend suggested it and was worth trying. I actually found no difference in the status of my health and am now using it without any side effects. NutriO2. As I mentioned above, if you have medical health problems, you should consult a doctor before consumption. The product is stable and free from toxins. There are no chlorite molecules and this makes your body free from stress. This supplement destroys harmful bacteria and provides you with extra energy for daily activities and functions. If you are active like me, I recommend you to try it subject to medical advice!



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  2. Yes, it's good for health to take oxygen therapy because it works as a supplements for our health. We need to fill up supplements that we expense daily and this oxygen therapy works for full filling up that supplements. So it would be very good if everybody knows about this oxygen therapy which keeps fit our health as much as possible. Thanks a lot:)