Tuesday, 15 April 2014

I am a Reiki Practitioner and very happy in life today. Reiki is a part of my life and I love sharing its benefits with all and sundry. Few years ago, I was disoriented with life and my job. I used to work in an accounting firm where a co-worker introduced a highly reviewed Pure Reiki Healing Master Course by Owen Coleman. I always loved learning new things but I never knew this product would lift me out of depression and give my life a new meaning.

I lost both parents at the age of five in a car accident. I was brought up by my maternal grandfather. He died when I was in high school. Since then I had been struggling with life and make both ends meet. I saw my peers and thought they were so lucky to enjoy life where I had to think about bills and having at least two square meals a day. My relationships were always on the rocks as I was frustrated and often unleashed my terrible temper even on small matters.

My co-worker was a regular Reiki practitioner and I often turned to him for guidance on how I could combat my short-temper and make others happy with me. Instead of healing me, he handed me the Pure Reiki Healing Master Course Review. He said it would help and guide me in life. It sure did and today I am very happy that it came in my way and changed me into a better person!

Reiki is a healing technique with origins in Japan. Its founder Mikao Usui lived 200 years ago.  With the passage of time, Reiki gradually spread to the other parts of the world. Reiki means The Universal Life Force that flows in our body. It is present in every one however lies in a dormant state if not tapped. Many say Reiki is divine and God’s energy. When the student is ready to accept Reiki, teacher appears in the form of a Master. In my case, my master is the Pure Reiki Healing Master.

The Pure Reiki Healing Master Course is a comprehensive module that deals with the subject of Reiki and its benefits. It teaches the student the different levels of healing. Reiki is an amazing therapy for people who are looking for personal and spiritual growth. For some individuals like me, Reiki happened by chance. Reiki understands the needs the individual and acts in such a way to give him/her the highest good.

Reiki is a safe and natural healing technique with no known side effect. Extensive research has been done however it is not proved as yet whether it cures diseases and ailments. There is no medical evidence available. Some healthcare practitioners often do not believe in Reiki.  When you are using Reiki in your life you should not be carried away by the review claims of the Pure Reiki Healing Master Course. As mentioned above, Reiki works differently for people. It is a holistic healing technique that gives you mental and physical peace however it should never be substituted with medical treatment for chronic ailments!

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